Knowledge Engagement Platform for Enterprises

“ Knowledge will grow only if People Communicate “

Digital Knowledge Engagement Platform

How Digital Knowledge Engagement CAN Transform your Business?

Digital Collaboration by KONNECT-E

SUITE of Digital Practices Required by Enterprises to collaborate seamless transfer of Knowledge between Projects.

“Specialized Information within the Organization is spread across various Departments and multiple Geographies. The introduction of Knowledge Engagement Platform connects People and Technology thereby speeding up the digital transformation of enterprises.”


People, Process and Technology -

Implement Innovative Process to enable seamless connection of People Knowledge through our Digital Technology

  • 01. A Smart Knowledge Base , that’s seamlessly integrated with Organizational Knowledge.
  • 02. Enables the Enterprise to Grow by efficient utilization of the knowledge acquired.
  • 03. Customers will be responded with the most relevant information in less time thereby resulting in increased Customer Delight.
  • 04. Allows quick identification of organizational know how : Easy Identification of best possible resource ;
  • 05. Encourage Employees to share innovative Ideas through Gamification.
  • 06. Capture and Articulate the best knowledge from within the Enterprise
Why KM
  • 85% of corporate knowledge is unstructured !!! (Gartner).
  • Transform from Individual Learning to Organizational Learning & Retention.
  • Increased Service Quality through Organizational Knowledge.
  • Create Value by utilizing the Wealth of Knowledge available within the Organization.
  • Governance of Knowledge Content
  • Easy Access of Information any time, anywhere
  • Protection of Knowledge and Information Assets
  • User Friendly and flexible platform
  • Easy Sharing of Knowledge & Information with employees
  • In a Pre-Sales Scenario, Customer may be looking for a product and say, the Sales Person was able to answer the questions easily and within short intervals , it would make a difference.
  • Post Sale, Enterprises need to make it easy for your Customer to interact with your Company to grow brand Loyalty.
“Knowledge Platform helps Users to access required information at the point of Need.
Go For it…”

We Strive for …

Raintels Knowledge Engagement Platform will assist Creating Value for Enterprises by mining the Treasure of Knowledge within the Organisation. “

Collect the Information This helps you when resource searching and knowledge recreation
Index the Content
Secure the Knowledge


Version & Revision Control
Access Logs
Document Approval Route
Annotations & Comments

We offers a wide range of professional services to match a variety of enterprise IT requirements. Our professional offerings include strategic consulting, project management, application development and delivery, migration services, business process management and integration, outsourcing and managed services, and ongoing customer support.



Create A Space For Sharing Knowledge
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